It’s A Collection of C Things

This is a collection of code I frequently re-use, mostly consisting of single-header libraries that generally do one task and one task only. I plan to continue adding things to this collection over the years.

// Config file loader/parser, loads a file containg "<key> <value>" pairs.
// Stores them in an array of conf_var_t, has helper functions for easy 
// config var queries.
#include "exe_conf.h"

// Basic file io.
// Currently only loads from given file path in given mode
// and returns a malloc'd array
#include "exe_io.h"

// A simple arbitrary linked-list implementation.
// Uses void pointers and is pretty small in size.
#include "exe_list.h"

No images for this one, so here is one from a project of mine that makes use of these :)