It Currently Resides Here

This is my very own 3D game engine. I have been making it for the better half of a year so far and it’s starting to get pretty feature-complete.

It currently resides in the repo of a test project I use to prototype and debug so I would not consider it ready for use in production. It does however contain a lot of useful code, most of which I will eventually split off into header-only libraries for my exelib project.

Lets go over some of the most notable features that are complete enough to be used.

#include "iqm.h"

This is my C implementation of an IQM model loader. It is pretty much feature complete and supports everything you would expect it to, animations, textures, colors, etc.

#include "collision.h"
#include "entity.h"

This is my implementation of Kasper Fauerbys paper. This is a very solid implementation and is currently being used in various projects of mine. Here’s me bhopping in the engine, and here’s some sliding. For more media on the engine check out my YouTube channel.

And finally here are some screenshots and gifs of my engine in use.

Scrot Scrot Scrot