A LÖVE Softbody Library

LÖVE blobs is a softbody library for LÖVE

Usage is pretty simple, just clone the repo and shove the loveballs directory into your project folder and include it in your Lua code. Here’s a bit of example code.

This example assumes you have a World that is updating each frame along with something to collide with. See the Github repo for a more complete example.

-- Softbody args (x, y, radius, smoothing, tessellate iterations)
wolrd    = love.physics.newWorld(0, 9.81*16, true)
softball = Softbody(world, 400, -200, 100, 2, 4)

-- call this each frame

-- render the softbody a solid blue color
love.graphics.setColor(0, 0, 255)

And here’s what it might look like. The “oddly” shaped softbody on the left the result of an experiment gone wrong and not intentional at all… honestly.